Our Services

ServicesWe offer team training & coaching services (embedded or classroom), executive training, and more specific assistance both product and project related on many topics.  We also customize our content to be relevant to each customer we work with.  We typically work with you in your environment but we can accommodate offsite classes, weekend classes, remote assistance, or any combination required as well.

Process Improvement

Personal Development

Iterative or Agile Workflow

Project Management


  • Teaching IT organizations and their stakeholders how to identify value and prioritize work accordingly
  • Working in a large scale global, multi-product development and release organization including off-shore
  • Mentoring global teams on improved Waterfall, Iterative, and blended methodologies
  • Providing processes to allow distributed teams to work effectively within an Agile structure
  • Developing Product Owners in organizations new to Agile / Scrum / Iterative development
  • Developing and training Waterfall / Agile /  blended / Iterative SDLC elements
  • Assessing and mentoring staff to build and foster sustainable healthy team dynamics
  • Creating and conducting training in improved Waterfall / Agile / Iterative methodologies
  • Bridging traditional gaps between stakeholders / management / IT / release / support / implementation
  • Increasing transparency and accuracy of product and project progress to executive staff and customers
  • Growing and mentoring employee soft-skills to improve work environment satisfaction and productivity
  • Creating training material customized to an organizations environment and needs